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Turn clicks into customers with advanced targeting

Behavioral advertising involves the tracking of web users' online activities in order to deliver tailored advertisements. This involves serving up ads to a particular individual based on his or her previous online behavior. It is not to be confused with contextual advertising, which serves up ads that are related to the content of the web page on which they’re appearing. It provides a more personalized experience to the user, be it in the form of content or advertising.

Benefits of Behavioral Advertising

  • The user will be able to enjoy a better experience on the site by being shown content that he or she might have a higher interest in. This lets the visitor access desired information the moment the site is brought up on the browser.
  • Benefits content providers by giving them an idea on the content that its users would want to read about or view, so that more of this type of content can be generated. This would result in repeat visits by existing visitors and attract new ones who are interested in the same niche that the site belongs to.
  • Ad networks are able to enjoy increased conversion rates since related and personalized advertisements are now being served to a likely audience that will find the ads more relevant, resulting in more clicks, sales, and purchases.
  • Website owners can use behavioral targeting to drive more traffic to their sites by generating and tailoring content based on what the site visitors want, resulting in repeated visits, and this, in turn, translates to higher traffic, higher page rankings, higher conversion rates on onsite ads, and a higher site value.

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