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The increased use of internet and digital media is a major influence in the field of education today. The education sector is a completely revolutionized sector since the majority of the population of students is the users of the internet. This has a direct implication on the fact that educational institutions and universities need to make increased use of the internet and mobile devices to reach out to more students. There are various reasons that make digital marketing the best means of reaching out to the majority of the student population today.

Some of these are

  • Prospective students are already searching online for educational and training courses
  • Students spend more time on the internet rather in front of other media including television
  • Display advertisements on the internet are highly effective and outperform traditional advertising
  • Parents and guardians have started to judge a school or college based on its website and its online presence
  • Most students have also begun to judge a school or college through its online presence
  • The internet is today the most favored channel for applying and making admission queries
  • Expatriates and outstation students rely heavily on the web for college admissions
  • Parents and students now consider web as the most convenient means for carrying out admission processes


A study released by eMarketer illustrates that the education sector is one of the top industries in the world currently using social media as part of their overall strategy.

  • 72% percent of respondents in the education industry said they currently implement social media tactics in their marketing initiatives.
  • 17% of educational companies worldwide said they plan to add social media to their marketing programs.
  • 72% of higher education industry said they acquired new customers through Facebook, 47% said the same about Twitter and 33%generated customers using LinkedIn.
  • 67% of those in the higher education industry reported an increase in customer acquisition through their company blog
  • 62% percent of educational institutions, on average, plan to increase their spend on digital marketing as a percentage of the total marketing budget through 2013
  • 71% of respondents say they do some display advertising on social media platforms; 95% of respondents say they advertise on Facebook, followed by 78% on Twitter, 71% on YouTube and 71% on LinkedIn
  • 39% of respondents say display advertising comprises a larger portion of their marketing budget than search; 37%of respondents say they do more search than display
  • Rich media and video are being employed by 18% & 22% respectively of graduate institutions and 19% & 27% respectively by undergraduate institutions


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The education sector is shaping up as a leader in the rapidly evolving digital society. Large numbers of schools and institutions have embarked on tele-education extensions to their curriculum. Mobile technology is also beginning to be utilized as an education tool. While overall spending on enterprise training has declined in light of the economic downturn; spending on digital marketing has grown.

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