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There’s no doubt that 2012 was the year when social really exploded for the industrial/B2B space. According to a recent study, 61 percent of engineers use Online Media for work-related activities. This study further showed that 8,522,177 engineers are currently on Social Media Channels. Clearly, social isn’t going away, and plays a key role in virtually every marketing trend.

Continue to shift budgets to online activities

In the industrial sector, engineers are using a variety of online channels to search for products, services, and suppliers, including the following

  • General search engines
  • Supplier websites
  • Online catalogs
  • Industry-specific websites/tools
  • e-newsletters


Research shows that 98% of industrial professionals visit at least two different work-related websites each week, and 63% visit six or more. Most important, those numbers signal a continual shift toward online research, which means B2B marketers need to follow suit if they are going to continue fishing where the fish swim. After all, even the Farmers' Almanac is available online these days.

When it comes to social media, Twitter trumps all other channels for content distribution. 74% of B2B content marketers reported using Twitter followed closely by LinkedIn (71%), Facebook (70%) and YouTube (56%). I have seen a lot of manufacturing related tweets coming across my timeline, especially from material handling, construction, adhesives and electronics enclosures industries.


By developing insights into industry trends and approaching market opportunities with a fresh perspective, we offer the following services for company-specific guidance that helps our clients become or remain market leaders

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a best online marketing strategy and will make your website popular.

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Social Media Marketing

Online media planning and buying (Digital Media) is regularly transforming due to several factors.

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Blog Marketing

Blog Management and marketing is the process of reaching a business prospects through the use of a blog.

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Mobile Marketing

As modern technology strengthens its roots in the business world, mobile phones ,

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Social Network

Online media planning and buying (Digital Media) is regularly transforming due to several factors like invention of latest media platforms,

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PPC Campaigns including

Advertising is a great way to quickly drive targeted traffic to your website. Instead of paying upfront for placing

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a well established form of direct marketing and is an inexpensive proven online marketing tactic that continues to grow.

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By using Digital marketing platform. These web-based solutions allow you to launch, maintain, track and improve your inbound strategy all in one convenient place. We connect with industrial marketers with the target audience of engineering, technical, industrial, scientific, and manufacturing sector professionals

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