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There are a number of reasons why healthcare is lagging behind other industries when it comes to digital marketing. According to the latest research statistics, 51% are concerned with data security, 36% were worried about new systems and 31% were worried about integrating new technologies into their existing systems.

Despite these drawbacks, digital marketing technologies offer the most effective means for the healthcare industry to modernize. Marketing automation tools in particular provide ways to organize and streamline marketing tasks, and help workers feel secure with new systems. Healthcare marketers can update their operations and join other industries in the digital world following a 5-point online strategy as below :

1.   Understanding your market
2.   Optimizing your website through SEO and Mobile
3.   Creating Demand
4.   Engaging your audience through social channels
5.   Measuring results through marketing automation


  • Articles on your website 86%
  • Social Media - Other than Blogs 81%
  • E-newsletters 18%
  • Videos 75%
  • Articles on Other Websites 64%
  • Blogs 58%
  • Case Studies 53%
  • Webinars/webcasts 48%
  • Branded Content Tools 46%
  • Research Reports 45%
  • Microsites 40%
  • Infographics 3%
  • Annual Reports 36%
  • Digital Magazines 32%
  • Mobile Content 31%
  • Mobile Apps 31%
  • Licensed/syndicated content 35%
  • EBooks 24%
  • Podcasts 23%
  • Virtual Conferences - 25%

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Although Healthcare has been historically behind when it comes to digital marketing, it is clear that they are starting to catch up. Through leveraging social media, content marketing, and marketing automation, Healthcare professionals can engage consumers on a much deeper level, positioning themselves to be the provider of choice.
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