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I’m a B2B Marketer

IMarks helps B2B marketers target prospective customers with a keen focus and enhance sales through effective performance marketing strategies. Our extensive B2B marketing research and years of experience in developing complex digital strategies makes B2B marketing part of our DNA.

Attracting and retaining customers has never been more challenging for B2B marketers. It’s never just about the quantity of customers attracted – it’s also about the quality. Businesses that have difficulty capturing a niche audience and converting potential customers can get lost in a highly competitive space and risk missing opportunities for growth.

There are six key considerations:
   1. B2B purchases will often have longer sales cycles and are more complex
   2. B2B buying is about mitigating risk
   3. Several people are involved in B2B buying decisions and each look for different things from the vendor
   4. Prospects use multiple online and offline touch points
   5. B2B sites often have lower traffic but the size of the purchase can be very large
   6. B2B marketing begins with building a relationship and nurturing it over time

IMarks can help you target multiple buyers at different points in long sales cycles. We also understand the intersection of search marketing with your demand generation, lead management, public relations, advertising, and branding strategies.

IMarks B2B digital marketing expertise can help you achieve two fundamental objectives:

  • Acquire new qualified leads and customers
  • Increase revenue from existing customers

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