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Solutions for Certified Marketing Representatives (CMRs)

Our location based media network makes it easy for CMR clients to target consumers who are ready to buy in specific and focused geographic locations. IMarks will design integrated digital media strategies that provide the optimum blend and balance of mobile, online and print channels

1. Mobile Sponsored Placements

Put your brand directly in their hands. Promote your clients' business and locations nationally to sophisticated smart-phone users.

2. Yellow Pages Online

Through main directory websites, advertising on Yellow Pages allows your customers to extend their reach nationally. When consumers are ready to buy and looking for a business, they’ll find your customers easily on Yellow Pages. You can also manage and measure your customer’s advertising ROI by tracking calls and clicks.

3. Geo-Targeted SEO and PPC

IMarks will promote your customer's website through SEO to help them rank higher in search engines for searches related to specific locations. IMarks will also design PPC campaigns to attract customers searching for keywords related to your customer’s business. These will be accomplished with clear and detailed reporting to take control of your customer’s ROI.

4. Geo-Targeted Display Ad Network

With Geo-Targeted Display Ad network, you can identify your customer’s most profitable geographic markets, find out where online visitors navigate, and deliver your customer’s message to specific target locations.

5. Print Directories

Yellow Pages print directories are still the first stop for millions of shoppers and is a great place to showcase a business and measure advertising performance with unique call-tracking numbers. Targeted print advertising is the perfect complement to Yellow Pages and Mobile. Start reaching more customers who are ready to buy.

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