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I'm a Retailer

We provide a unique opportunity for businesses to reach consumers who have been pre-screened with the intent to buy from leading national and regional retail sites. IMarks maximizes your site’s potential and expands margins beyond a simple product sales model.

The emerging prototype is for retailers to market their sites as media properties to advertisers. Retail sites now have mass traffic and hyper-targeted audiences with intent to purchase – a proven formula for all advertisers.

IMarks’ Ad network creates a unique combination of media sales and retail marketing to align products and services with a retailer’s brand and online customer experience. This creates value and provides a distinct advantage compared to traditional online Ad networks.

IMarks’ extensive experience enables to produce the right Ad program to suit each individual retailer’s needs. IMarks ensures developing campaigns to increase brand loyalty and helping uninitiated audiences learn more about customer’s products and services.

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