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Insurance companies across the world are rolling out a broad array of digital initiatives. These range from in-vehicle telemetric that price driver risk better, to brand building on social media websites, to mobile applications that help agents create scenarios for prospective customers. Even in this conservative industry, a few forward-thinking players are experimenting with different business models for niche markets. And most executives recognize that they’re on the threshold of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to both reduce costs and foster new streams of profitable revenue growth.


Everyone loves statistics and here are some insurance related figures to give you some insight into the online insurance market:-

  • Online insurance gets 40% of its traffic from search
  • 4 of the top 5 search results point to comparison sites
  • Online insurance is smaller than Banking & Finance but 5 times bigger than utilities

The digital world offers insurers many ways to reach and serve their customers. Opportunities for innovation will emerge as the number of devices increases and the culture of interactivity grows.

The digital channel is arguably an insurer’s most flexible, efficient and scalable channels. However, despite heavy investment in digital marketing tools, insurers are still struggling to develop an integrated approach to digital marketing that supports their business goals. Such an approach requires a combination of business understanding, marketing savvy and deep technology capabilities.

Carriers that develop an effective integrated digital marketing strategy can

  • Better acquire service and retain customers.
  • Gain insight into customer needs and offer targeted products.
  • Support a larger multi-channel distribution strategy.
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs.
  • 1. Build a Local Brand Following online
  • Create Digital Relations" by providing value up-front
  • Be found in Local Search
  • a) Before the need
    b) During the Need
  • Leverage Positive Reviews
  • Unify the Marketing Message Across Platforms
  • Steer Campaigns ' By the Numbers"
  • Deploy Results - Only Strategy

Used effectively, integrated digital marketing can enable a carrier to build better customer relationships, grow market share and drive growth.


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While the technology and trends behind these interactive tools may seem complicated and ever-changing, incorporating them into your marketing mix isn’t. We’ll help you use digital, social and mobile marketing in efficient ways to reach and motivate your customers and potential customers.

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