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The growth of the internet space has led to a thought process which is somewhat of a one-size-fits-all regardless of the type of business. As a manufacturer, there is a need to be well-versed in all aspects of marketing—not just traditional marketing. The manufacturing industry has gone through many significant changes over the past decade. Some of those changes include

  • More global competition
  • Increased demand for customized products
  • Increased preference for sustainable products
  • More pressure to get products to market faster
  • There are two key aspects that need to be considered while devising an online marketing strategy for manufacturing enterprises.
  • First, they need to segregate basis target audience and
  • Second, their goals which they want to achieve through online marketing

  • Statistics

    Overall Digital Trends

  • 46% of industrial professionals visit 10 or more work-related websites averaging 6-8 hours weekly
  • 51% of engineers did NOT attend an in-person trade show last year
  • 66% of engineers attended at least one webinar or online event over the past year
  • 56% of engineers are in the second or third stage of the buying cycle before they make contact with a vendor, so they rely on digital resources

  • Content

  • 56% of industrial professionals don’t contact a vendor until they compare & evaluate vendors through supplier website content
  • 53% of manufacturing marketers say they are going to increase their content marketing spend over the next 12 months
  • 21% of B2B manufacturers rank their organization as “effective” or “very effective” at content marketing
  • 64% of B2B marketers say that “producing enough content” is a challenge
  • 83% of buyers review up to three pieces of content before making a decision on an industrial purchase over $1,000

  • SEO

  • 70% of industrial professionals use search engines when comparing and evaluating potential suppliers
  • 86% of industrial professionals utilize search engines for work-related purposes
  • 84% of industrial professionals use the Internet to find components, equipment and services
  • 74% use the Internet to compare products across suppliers

  • Email Marketing

  • Engineers and related professionals subscribe to an average of 5.8 digital publications
  • Among B2B marketers using automation technology, 62% say they are “strong” or “full” adopters

  • Video

  • 46% of industrial professionals use YouTube or other video sharing portals
  • Manufacturing marketers cite video as their top content marketing tactic

  • Social Media

  • The top three social media sites used by manufacturing marketers are Facebook (77%), YouTube (67%) and LinkedIn (61%)
  • Seven out of 10 small- and mid-sized suppliers are engaging with prospects through social channels

  • Recommendations

    Why Manufacturers need website

  • Promote the high quality workmanship and specialist skills.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Improve a business’s credibility with a bank or investor

  • Reviewing your existing website

  • If you already have a website, you need to review it to ensure it is delivering the right message and achieving the results you need from it. The website should
  • Make your site easy to find. Optimize the website with the keywords your clients search for you in search engines – have you included these in your site? Get your site on the first page of Google listings.
  • Once you’ve got a visitor onto your site, they need to stay on the site. Your site needs to have an engaging design and be user friendly which encourages visitors to investigate – if a visitor cannot find what they’re looking for in ten seconds, you may lose them.
  • Make sure site design reflects the aesthetic of the level of the market place you are working in
  • Provide clear, concise website text that illustrates your specialist skills and equipment
  • Include testimonials from clients – which builds a level of trust
  • Include easy finding contact details
  • Make your site worthy of a return visit from your prospective clients. Ways to do this include news stories, events, blog posts, video embeds and galleries updated regularly
  • Network – build your sites visibility and incoming links by posting to related sites and blogs (particularly key influencers in your sector).
  • For more advanced sites – you could eventually make it easy for visitors to share your site pages by liking, tweeting and sharing through content aggregators.
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