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Our Team

At IMarks, we believe that when we align our values with our actions, great things can happen. That's why our approach to marketing revolves around a simple and powerful idea: we speak our clients language. We live where they live and immerse in the game to build their business empire. Bringing all the three together, viz., Marketing, Technology and strong business foundation, IMarks creates values for customer and sustains it for years.

At IMarks we skillfully integrate traditional and digital marketing to create smart powers for accelerating your growth that will re-enforce your presence in the target market space. Your customer's perception of your business is critical for your survival and this is where we bring value on to the table, to significantly improve your perception across your customer landscape.

We bring together "Expertise", "Forward Thinking", "Technology" and "Business Knowledge" to produce solutions and superior results for our customers to attain next level value creation. From conceptualization to execution, we work closely with you to establish realistic goals, identify strategies and design your roadmap for achieving superior results.

We are...

  • Very Professional
  • Hard Working
  • Punctual Gentlemen
  • Polite & Friendly
  • Intellectual Minds
  • Efficiently Equipped

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If you can promise that you are ready to unleash the hidden potentials and make the best of your career and gleam in your life, then we are a game for your crave and deep ideologies

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Team Member Chairman

Chandrasekhar D

He is the chairman of IMarks Digital Marketing Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., Under his leadership, IMarks has been achieving tremendous success. He has been the principal investor and has more than 20 years of experience in the Pharma Chemical industry and is passionate about IT industry.

Team Member CEO, Director

Koteswara Rao P

With 15 years of rich experience in the IT Industry, He is a visionary driving the team of IMarks and people's person.He is an expert at brand building, business development and result maximization. He is a perennial learner and keeps himself updated with the fast changing trends in marketing.

Team Member COO, Director

Gananath Shenoy K R

As a Chief Operation Officer, he is accountable for business expansion comprising team retention, financial performance and growth strategies. By enlightening the procedures, philosophies and the facilities that assist the efficient design, he brings in the drive value into the company in every project.

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