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IMarks and its partner can get mutually benefited by the way of filling identified gaps in a service portfolio. Through cooperation and collaboration, selection can help you to develop a strategy to deliver on your objectives through an alliance partnership. Alliances can help to enhance both companies’ product portfolios to enable us to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. Partners should have an understanding of IMarks capabilities which will allow the partner to make recommendations regarding those capabilities to their clients in order to help solve the client’s marketing challenges. It is an arrangement between two companies that have decided to share resources to undertake a specific and mutually beneficial project.

Who is right for Referral Partner program

  • Digital Marketing Companies
  • Animation Companies
  • Advertising Companies
  • Direct Marketing Companies
  • Brand Management Companies
  • Creative Development Companies
  • Website Design & Development Companies
  • Public Relations (PR) Companies
  • Media Companies
  • Video Production Companies
  • Email Marketing Companies
  • SMS Marketing Companies.

Become A Delivery Partner Today And Enjoy

IMarks Delivery Partnership program does not include any fee or investment. There will be a mutual benefit as both the parties can expand their business verticals by partnership. Recruitment on digital resources are not required as IMarks would give support for any digital Marketing requirement. Marketing resources are customizable. IMarks partners would be given a detailed training on the services offered by IMarks. Pre-sales, post-sales, billing and customer support. There will be a WIN-WIN situation for both the parties.

Delivery Partner Fee

Here we have two plans as below
Plane A (fixed Commission@15%)
IMarks based on the project requirements decides the project cost and communicates with the customer. Delivery partner would execute, manage and close the deal. The project commission will be 15% for the partner company.

Plane B (if Commission higher than the fixed Commission)
IMarks analyses the project requirement will send the quote to partner Co. Partner company can add their profit ratio and send the final quote to the customer. The responsibility to execute, manage and close the deal would reside at partner company

How To Become A Delivery Partner

  • Go through IMarks Partner Management link in website & enroll as IMarks Partner
  • Fill in the online “Partnership Registration Form” by selecting type of partnership and sign up the agreements.
  • Attend In-house trainings provided by IMarks experts’ team on services.
  • Add IMarks company logo in your website (if available) as a partner
  • Evaluate and qualify the customer requirement.
  • Outsource the project / Refer to IMarks
  • Support to be provided for successful project completion.
  • Get the orders from customers.
  • We close the Project.
  • You win the Lead

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