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With the newly updated algorithms coming up every now and then, it is becoming very important to create an SEO optimized website so that the off page SEO works even better and you get a greater amount of traffic, leads and hence business from your website.

Also, if while creating a website itself, the SEO activities are performed for the website then you can directly start with the off page SEO activities. But, if a website is not SEO optimized then one has to start from the beginning which may waste your time.

Phase 1 – Crawling the site, performing a manual review of the site and building a list of key landing pages on the site are the steps to be taken during the first phase of redesigning a search engine optimized website.

Phase 2 – Reviewing the choice of CMS systems, reviewing the planned navigation hierarchy, reviewing any mock ups of the site, building a 301 redirect map and crawling the site as soon as it is available on a staging server are carried out in this phase.

Phase 3–In this phase, we analyze whether everything is working fine from the SEO point of view. Re-crawling of the site, Google analytics, and webmaster tools reviewing and verifying whether 301 redirections is done in this phase.

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