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It is like SEO for Apps. It is increasing search rankings for apps amongst other apps in an App Store.

On-page optimization is a key factor in the App Store Optimization. Focusing on search ranking within the App Store can help you gain quality users, cost-effectively. There are various factors to be taken care of in App Store Optimization like App Title, App Keywords, App Reviews and Ratings, App Description, App Logo, App Screenshot, App Publisher Name, and App Category.

App Title

Here you need to tell what your app does if your title tells your users about your app then half your work is done, if not then the user is gone from your hands.

App Keywords and Description 

You need to optimize the keywords that your users may search for. Getting your user to view your description is like getting them to view your website, therefore a creation of the description has to be done very wisely.

App Reviews and Ratings 

These have a great impact on your app, greater are the number of positive reviews and ratings, greater are the chances of attracting, even more, users to your app.

App Screenshots 

This is a great way to show off the best features of your app.

App Publisher Name 

One can search for an app by its publisher’s name. Therefore, you need to optimize it for the keywords so that you do not miss any user.

App Category 

This although looks like a small thing, it isn’t. Selecting the right primary and secondary category for your app is an important decision to make and should be done wisely.

There are many other factors too that one needs to consider in App Store Optimization, we’ll get it all done and help you reach your app marketing goals.

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